Steven Insalaco has over 30 years of Executive Business Management, Corporate Consulting and Family Office Advisory experience. He has provided financial and business management services to a broad range of private, Fortune and other public companies. Some of these companies include ExxonMobil, Penn Central Transportation, W.R. Grace and Company, Northrop Grumman and Griffon Corporation.

For both growth and troubled companies, he is a profit focused, problem solving and solution implementing, C-Suite management executive. His experience combines strategic financial, creative marketing and organizational leadership with investment (Capital Markets) knowledge and transaction (Corporate Finance) skills. Steven Insalaco applies his skills and experience to a company’s operating and financial structure to improved operating efficiencies that result in increased growth and valuations from improved revenue, lower costs or both. Within the management umbrella, he offers the following supportive management positions and functions that reflect how he utilizes and focuses his diverse corporate finance, investment, real estate, marketing, cost reduction and revenue growth experience to achieve specific business management objectives:

  • Managed and improved the performance of a 3.5 billion dollar healthcare division. Served as a key member of a turnaround team for a mid-market leasing and finance company and provided operating business management services to an early stage manufacturing company.
  • Developed and implemented marketing plans for different bank divisions focused on institutions, Family Offices, private high-net-worth client and prospective accounts. Generated income with existing and newly developed institutional fixed income bond clients in relation to transactions that improved term, yield or portfolio quality.
  • Identified, structured and closed in excess of 50 diverse leasing, asset based and other structured finance transactions for both real and personal property utilizing senior debt and equity for private, Fortune 500 and other public companies.
  • Advised and represented start up/early stage companies to venture capital/private equity, strategic investors and other equity capital sources. Provided initial due diligence services to the CEO of a company with $1.2 billion revenue in relation to a potential investment/acquisition target.
  • Managed corporate and other real estate assets focused on operational and financial restructuring that incorporated both CMBS and Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Transactions that maximized available re-investment of capital proceeds for alternative investments and acquisition funding. 
Steven Insalaco advised both public and private companies, in various stages of growth, in relation to their capital, IT Corporate Solutions, e-commerce and m-commerce, now an integral part of the operating structure and provided operating business management and financial restructuring services to both corporate and other real estate assets. He also identified, structured and closed in excess of 50 transactions, utilizing both senior debt and equity capital resources that included leasing structures for Fortune 500 and other public and private companies of various sizes. Additionally, he has held positions with three US (“Money Center”) Banks and two Investment banks. This includes Bank of America, Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Corporation (J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.), Wood Gundy Corp (Canadian Imperial Bank for Commerce or CIBC), Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) and the City of New York. Today, Steven Insalaco is President of Calgary Enterprises, Inc., a strategic corporate management and family office advisory company he independently formed in 1988. In 2016, Calgary and Leaf Capital Partners, a Private Single Family Office, combined their respective resources. Steven Insalaco serves as Managing Director and Board Member of the Family Investment Committee with Leaf Capital Partners and is responsible for Strategic Operating Business, Investment and Risk Management. 2017 new developments include Leaf-Asia as Managing Partner. The combined structure and responsibilities enables Calgary to integrate strategic corporate advisory and ultra-high net worth family office services nationally and internationally. These services are focused on reduced beta, increased alpha and improving an organization’s operating business performance and valuation through the capital structure, reduced costs and increased revenues. Education: Steve Insalaco holds a BA in Social Science/Economics and MBA in Financial Management. Military Service: Served in US Army Intelligence (Army Security Agency) and was at the Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College. He held a Top Secret Security Clearance and was Honorably Discharged.