Calgary Enterprises, Inc. is a strategic corporate operating, financial management and family office company initially formed in 1988 by its President and Managing Partner, Steven Insalaco. The Company utilizes a joint venture and partnership business model that enables it to access diverse senior management resources as necessitated by organizations/firms that correlate to the investment criteria of capital sources and Family Offices that are involved with Calgary. Calgary identifies the companies and other diverse/alternative investments that are potential opportunities for its capital sources and Family offices and utilizes Calgary’s executive and financial management team resources to address the operating management and capital structure requirements of companies in which capital is provided by investors. Calgary focuses on improving the valuations of these companies resulting in higher returns to investors.

Steven Insalaco and the other business resources partnered with Calgary serve as members of the Investment Committees responsible for Strategic Operating Business, Investment and Risk Management that relate to the respective capital sources and Family Offices. Through its agreements, Calgary’s associations and partner companies include: Admodum Investment Holdings, Leaf Capital Partners, Alliance Global Finance, Rishon Capital Partners, LLC, and CompanyCapital a Copenhagen, Denmark based Company.

In addition to Steven Insalaco, the other senior management executives that are partnered with Calgary individually each have over 30 years of prior experience in both Executive Business Management and financial positions with organizations involved in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Corporate Consulting, diverse investment and with Family Offices. This combined experience enables Calgary to address the operating and capital requirements and structure of companies in which its capital sources and Family Offices invest.


Calgary’s objective is to utilize its resources to address the diverse and changing operating business, financial management and capital structure requirements of both corporations and Family Offices. This is accomplished by developing and implementing value added business solutions. These solutions are focused on reduced beta, increased alpha and improving an organization’s operating business performance and the capital structure which result in reduced costs and increased revenues. Mergers, acquisitions and other methodologies are also utilized to achieve improved valuations which, in conjunction with other solutions result in increased investment returns for Calgary’s capital sources and Family Offices.


Calgary targets both growth and distressed, national and international early stage, emerging growth and middle-market companies in diverse industry sectors that are potential investment opportunities for capital sources, Family Offices and/or other investors. These business sectors/industries include but are not limited to aerospace, technology, healthcare, financial services, real estate, consumer and industrial products.