Calgary engagements involve resources that are utilized to address company operating business management and corporate finance requirements. This has included restructuring senior debt and/or equity for both growth and distressed companies in diverse industries including real estate, resulting in reducing costs, increasing revenues, improving margins, valuation and returns.

Reflecting the diversity of Calgary’s capabilities, some engagements to which Calgary has provided its resources include:

  1. Operating Management and Corporate finance services to an early stage company in the food industry which included:
    • Reviewing and recommending revisions to the business plan
    • Assisting with the identification and recruitment of executives to the management team
    • The identification and presentation of the transaction to financial and strategic investors, capable of investing a  minimum of $15 million of equity in this company.
  2. Business management/financial skills and experience to a manufacturing firm with subsidiaries in the mining and printing industries. This encompassed advising on developing and implementing financial and operational strategies for the establishment, funding and growth of an asset-based subsidiary company. The capitalization structure developed for the company included capital obtained by the sale-and-leaseback of assets acquired with collateralized debt combined with equity.
  1. Provided operating business management and capital restructuring turnaround resources to a finance company in the secured debt and leasing industry and similar services including operating management, financial, merger/sale and/or restructuring recommendations to a franchiser in the automobile after-market industry. Both assignments involved developing and implementing alternative operational and financial options which included the following:
    • Operating Management that included identifying/raising debt and equity capital from institutional investors.
    • Reorganization of the management and capital structure, merger and/or the sale of the companies.
  1. Provided financial alternatives and/or represented several manufacturing companies for sale, two owned by a publicly listed (NYSE) parent firm.
  2. Additionally, Calgary obtained and structured an asset based loan (ABL) for a manufacturing company and provided initial “due diligence” services to the CEO of a $1.2 billion company in relation to a potential medical device manufacturer investment/acquisition target.
  3. Through a law firm business relationship, Calgary provided interim President and Chief Operating Officer resources to an early stage Aerospace Company.
  4. Calgary also addressed the business management, financial restructuring and development of both corporate and residential real estate assets. This included advising and identifying capital sources for a Shopping Center Refinancing (CMBS basis) and other commercial real estate financing and refinancing to fund acquisitions. Managed corporate and other real estate assets focused on operational and financial restructuring that incorporated Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Transactions to maximized available re-investment of capital proceeds.