Calgary provides value-added business solution services and their implementation. These services include IT solutions, e-commerce and m-commerce, that today, are becoming an integral part of the operating structure of a company. These solutions are designed to address the diverse and changing business management and capitalization requirements of corporations, partnerships, Family Offices and other financial and business entities. Our purpose is to align our consulting services to the objectives of our clients and partner with them, by focusing on improving an organization’s operating business performance and valuation accomplished by addressing the capital structure, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

The corporate services provided encompass but are not limited to the following:

Strategic management, finance and marketing advisory services to both distressed and growth companies assisting senior executives to improve the operational performance of their companies.

Services that address the corporate finance requirements of a firm which include addressing the debt and equity capital structure for the following purposes:

  • Company Operating Capital Requirements
  • Growth/Expansion for Management Buy-Outs, Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Business Turnaround/Restructuring/Refinance
  • Corporate Real Estate and Other Business Requirements


The primary objective of a Family Office is the preservation of principal, maintaining/improving returns and generational transition. Our services focus on addressing this aspect of Family Office financial and business objectives.

In general, due to changing economic and related business, investment conditions and returns, many Family Offices have adapted a direct control, investment and oversight strategy vs utilizing outside asset management services. Given this direct investment, control and oversight approach, we combine and utilize our corporate resources and specifically design them to adapt and concentrate on this investment method. This is accomplished by providing and implementing services that encompass but are not limited to the following:

  1. Identifying, reviewing and evaluating investment opportunities that meet Family Office mandates
  2. Risk Management: Direct invest oversight, monitoring, control and review of asset investment performance
  3. Due Diligence in relation to investments and value-add creation
  4. Preparation and implementation of plans for generational transition
  5. Other services as necessitated by changing Family Office circumstances and related objectives.
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